Sunday, September 12, 2010

Visit Cameroon Leadership Conference


15th-21st November 2010 Yaoundé Cameroon

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A conference for leaders who believe in the concept of positive change and progressive development in all areas of strategic importance in relation to the changing nature of time.

A conference for those who are sick and tired of the status quo in their field of specialty and are yearning for a positive revolution which alters stereotypes and ushers in new paradigms.

A conference for 21st century pioneers, innovators, inventors and creators.

A conference to lay the foundation for the future in all fields.

Vision 2010 global leadership conference on the 21st century is a gathering of leaders of all walks of life to share knowledge on the paradigms of the 21st century in diverse areas of strategic importance. The conference is a millennium event, scheduled for the 15th-21st of November 2010 in Yaoundé Cameroon .

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Dr Benard Etta

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