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I met this company at an exhibition at the August meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston. 

Dear Rolande Hodel,
It was a pleasure to meet you at the recent American Chemical Society meeting last month in Boston. We hope that you enjoyed hearing about Chemistry Central's portfolio of journals, including Journal of Cheminformatics and Chemistry Central Journal, and the benefits of open access publishing.

To remind you Chemistry Central is an open access chemistry publisher, operated by BioMed Central and part of Springer Science+Business Media, committed to the widespread dissemination of chemical research. Chemistry Central views open access as essential to ensure the rapid and efficient communication of research findings, and is committed to maintaining high editorial standards through full and thorough peer review.
As well as the benefit to the whole scientific community there are many advantages to authors who choose to submit articles to our journals, including:

•High visibility and wide reach for your article
•Simple and convenient online manuscript submission
•Fast and thorough peer review
•Multiple article formats accepted with no space constraints or color figure charges
•Immediate publication on acceptance

Visit the website to find out more about Chemistry Central where you can sign up to receive regular updates or article alerts targeted to your specific area of research.

We would also like to thank everyone who entered our IPAD competition and congratulations to the winner from the University of Chicago.

Kind regards,
Jan Kuras
Associate Publisher