Saturday, December 22, 2007

Managing Women of Weh, Menchum Division

AIDSfreeAFRICA Fashion Center for short “AIDS FACE” 2006

It was made possible through a donation of US $1200 from a Rockland County New York based women’s group.

Women in Weh Cameroon bought a sewing machine and fabric to sew 800 school uniforms (lower left). And that’s only the beginning. Profit made is used to buy food or exercise books and pencils for students. Rather than giving members money, they pay expenses for birth and dead celebrations. Most important for AIDSfreeAFRICA, they pay for antiretroviral treatment and drugs for HIV/AIDS positive members. The start of this program came too late for Linda, but four other woman are successfully on drugs and are thriving. (see picture upper right) The Lady on the far left is Ann, the president of "Managing Women".
And a new project is in the infancy stage. We are asking for your donations. The Fon (chief) of Weh asked for help to establish a cooking oil depot and sales point. The profit made from the sales, after expenses will be used to pay for AIDS testing of his subjects. Truly innovative. So far every Fon has asked us for help building roads. And yes, they need roads urgently. Any construction people reading this?

Enjoying a relaxing weekend and helping others, US donors and recipients.

"Managing Women" received micro loan.
Now the work starts.
(Right to left) Fon of Weh, Rolande, Felix Akap.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Drug production equipment

Donate Production Equipment
Fourier Transformed Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR)
Ultraviolet visible light absorption spectrometer (UV-VIS)
ion selective pH meter to measures proton ion concentration in water
ion selective electrodes to measure Sodium (Na+) and Chlorine (Cl-) ions.

Tablet counter device

Output 800,000 table/h

Max. noise  
Less than 82 dB

Dust scope  
3 m

Atmospheric pressure   0.4Mpa 2 barometric

Powder supply 50 w
220V/110V , 50Hz/60Hz

Overall Size
510*510*880 mm

Net Weight  
62 -100kg

Blister packing machine


30times/min/plate each punching

80×57 mm (Designed according user’s requirement)

Packing material
PVC hard piece: width 65-70 mm, thickness 0.25-0 .30mm, bore diameter
of rolling shaft 60-70 mm.

PTP Aluminum foil: width 65-70 mm, thickness 0.02-0.025 mm, bore
diameter of rolling shaft 60-70 mm.

Power consumption      5
kw max, 220V, 50-60Hz, 1-pole 5-line

Overall size: approx L×W×H

Weight : 180 to 300kg 

Tablet duster

Electrical connections    220V,
50Hz, 1P/110V, 60Hz, 1P

Power input:
100W max

5-25 mm

Drum speed:
10-150 rpm

350 m3/h

3 bar (Oil, water and dust-free)

800000 tab/hr (6 mm Tablet)


Dimensions approx.:

Bottle filling line: 30 to 450ml bottle with a speed of
approximately 120 bottles per minute. Other parameters still to be

Labeling machine

Labels on round products like bottles / jars / tins.

Full / Partial labeling for Aluminium, Glass, H.D.P.E. etc. is possible.

Electrical connections    220V, 50Hz,
1P/110V, 60Hz, 1P

Power input:
150W max

800000 tab./h (6mm Tablet)


Dimensions approx.:

Output speed up to: 
60 labels / minute



1Electronic Balance1
2Machine for production of ointments, creams, lotions, etc1
3Tube filling machine1
4Machine for production of oral liquids1
5Machine for production of ear drops1
6Ointment slab2
7Gas Masks12
9A dehumidifier or desiccators2
11Electronic mixer1
12Computer (laptop)2


1Printer for plastic infusion bags1
2Generator, 250KVA1
3High Efficiency particulate Air (HEPA) filters2
4High Performance liquid chromotographic machine1
6Top loading electronic precision balance (0.01g - 2000g)1
7Top loading balance (0.01g - 250kg)1
8Laminar air flow hood1
9Machines for eye drop production1
10Intravenous fluid filling machine, (for plastic IV bags)1
11Laundry machine1
12Pot autoclave2
13Binocular microscope (electric)1
14Autoclave for steam sterilization of IV bags1


1Detergent production machine (plant for producing powder detergents and cleaning powders)

Products To Be Produced:

  • Machine washing powders
  • Hand washing powders
  • Cleaning powders
  • Diswasher powders
  • Others if possible

Filling and Packing (could be half automatic, fully automatic)

  • Polybags and folding boxes
  • Bags
  • Other if possible
Production Process:

Could be any of the following

  • Spray – Mixing process (batch)
  • Spray – Mixing process (continues)
  • Spray – Drying
  • Others if possible
2Soap Production Machines

Soap Production Techniques:-

  • Saponification of oil and fats
  • Saponification (Neutralization) of fatty acid
  • Finishing of dried soap base noodles (no own saponification)
  • Automatic working method with a low number of personal)
  • Less automatic working method with a high number of personal

Note: the process could either be batch or continuous splitting.

 Kind of soap we wish to produce

  • Toilet soap
  • Laundry soap
  • Medical soap
Energy Supply

We need

  • Steam generator and
  • Emergency power unit
3Electrical Weighing balance: with ranges

  • 0 – 2.5kg
  • 0 – 50kg
4A distillation unit for Ethanol production1

Monday, December 17, 2007

From Cameroon's Capital Yaoundé

I am writing this on a french computer with french keyboard - thus forgive me the typos.... Thursday the US Embassy called with my appointment for Friday morning. I finish my e-mails and run home from the Mezam Polyclinic's office to gather my things and to let everyone know that I take the night bus to Yaoude. I am hugged as if this was the last day on earth, fed dinner, and hollered off to church. The night bus is on the way to church, so here this makes sense.
I am in the fully loaded bus asleep despite blaring music and reach Yaounde at 5:30 AM. Kenneth picks me up.
I reach the Embassy and meet the newly installed energetic new Ambassador Jeannet Garvey. She thanks us for our work in Cameroon and says: Cameroonians will be so proud knowing that they can produce drugs!
She then offers me to come back with the management of Diamond Pharmaceutical to sit down with her staff to plan how best we can get all the help the Embassy business development programs offer.
The next day I meet with Professor Jato who takes me to the Ministry of Public Health where I learn how to register pharmaceuticals in Cameroon. I was introduced to Prof. Jato through the man who sat next to me in the air plane flying in from Casablanca three weeks ago.
I am now in Douala, Cameroon's industrial capital city visiting more people I have not seen yet. Tomorrow Anicestus will drive me to Mutengene where I will see my friends from the Cameroonian Baptist Convention talking about production....
Yes, I am busy and determined to come home having left something for real in Cameroon.