Wednesday, March 28, 2012

AIDSfreeAFRICA's 2011 success stories:

The collaboration started in June 2010. Here Dr. Hodel
accompanied Dr. Christopher Ekom from the US Embassy
Business Development Department meets with thirteen
Cameroon government officials at the Ministry of Public Health. 
We are celebrating 2011, the year large scale solid oral tablet drug production started in Cameroon. The companies are owned and run by Cameroonians. We are honored to be invited to contribute to their endeavor.  
AIDSfreeAFRICA receives NGO (non-profit) status in Cameroon and meets high level government officials.

Jan. 2011 Minister of Public Health signs "Letter of Collaboration".

In this letter he succinctly summarizes AIDSfreeAFRICA's work in six bullets. Here are the six bullets and the successful projects AIDSfreeAFRICA is working to advance:

1. Support Cameroonians to locally produce drugs;
2011 Check  : Providing crucial quality control equipment.  

2. Improve drug access;
2011 Check  : Expanded revolving drug programs in Limbe and Esu.

3. Train locals and pharmaceutical personnel;
2011 Check  : Trained 6 volunteers to conduct AIDS testing in Esu.

4. Identify and provide skilled human resources from abroad to villages
and local pharmaceutical companies on voluntary basis;
2011 Check  : Send medical doctor currently volunteering in Esu.

5. Encourage the twinning of US pharmaceutical companies and those of Cameroon;
2011 Check   : Students 2 Science donates $1/4 million worth of equipment.

6. Encourage the twinning of US Universities and those of Cameroon for scientific research. 
2011 Check   : Getting the American Chemical Society involved, donating  teaching equipment.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Please donate used laptop computers

I can not help it but look at this photo. In fact, I can not take my eyes of it. What a love and devotion! In Cameroon being poor does not mean not having children. Although more people there are now making the connection how expensive children are and reducing the number of birth. In the mean time, and for those born already, it is important make sure they are send to school and provided medical care, jobs and the knowledge of how to deal with HIV/AIDS.

What can you do?
photo arranged by Becky S. Bamenda, Cameroon
AIDSfreeAFRICA is sending a container with urgently needed medical equipment, such as an ultra sound machine donated by Phelps Memorial Hospital, vitamins by the HealthSmart Pharmacy in Ossining and much more. We still have space in the container that leaves April 14. We are looking for donations of all these items listed here. If you are in the Westchester, NY or NYCity/Queens area and have any of this, please contact us. If you can send it via UPS, great.
We love to hear from you. See our web site for contact information and how to donate money on the upper right hand of the home page. Thank you!

Question? call 914-923-2073 better write to

NEW: we are looking for small kitchen machines such as blender, food processors, juicers, iron, elect. saver (men), also:
utility knifes, sturdy, heavy
Antibacterial bar soap
Assorted disposable paper plates, bowls and napkins - all sizes
Baby diapers/Pull-Ups
Baby oil, powder, lotion and mineral oil
Baby wipes (wet)
Bicycles for children
College text books, all departments
Children's Books (all levels/types)
Clear scotch tape

Disposable powdered latex gloves

Duct tape/Packaging tape

Ultra Sound machine, Echocardiogram machine

Ear Nose Throat doctors office (all equipment therein)
Insulin syringes

Shaver, electric
Knitting yarn, sewing thread, needles, etc.
Laptop computer (working order)
Linen (bedsheets, towels, etc.)
Women parfums
Men's aftershave

Oxygen concentrators (emphesima and similar breathing problems)
Medical laboratory equipment for full blood analysis, EKG
Optical microscope
Copy machines, office style, prefer Cannon or HP
Pens, Pencils, Paper
Petroleum Jelly (regular or cocoa butter)
Printer, office style
Razor blades (the old fashioned double edged kind)
Refrigerators (220, 110 Volt, or low volt 12V)
Scale (to weigh people)
Science school books (high school/college level)
Shoes and sneakers in good condition
Soccer balls
Soccer Cleats (adults and children sizes)

Tractor /plus attachments

Ultra Sound machine, Echocardiogram machine
Winter Clothes - Infant and Children's sizes
Zipper bags (gallon size) for food storage