Managing Women of Weh, Menchum Division

AIDSfreeAFRICA Fashion Center for short “AIDS FACE” 2006

It was made possible through a donation of US $1200 from a Rockland County New York based women’s group.

Women in Weh Cameroon bought a sewing machine and fabric to sew 800 school uniforms (lower left). And that’s only the beginning. Profit made is used to buy food or exercise books and pencils for students. Rather than giving members money, they pay expenses for birth and dead celebrations. Most important for AIDSfreeAFRICA, they pay for antiretroviral treatment and drugs for HIV/AIDS positive members. The start of this program came too late for Linda, but four other woman are successfully on drugs and are thriving. (see picture upper right) The Lady on the far left is Ann, the president of "Managing Women".
And a new project is in the infancy stage. We are asking for your donations. The Fon (chief) of Weh asked for help to establish a cooking oil depot and sales point. The profit made from the sales, after expenses will be used to pay for AIDS testing of his subjects. Truly innovative. So far every Fon has asked us for help building roads. And yes, they need roads urgently. Any construction people reading this?

Enjoying a relaxing weekend and helping others, US donors and recipients.

"Managing Women" received micro loan.
Now the work starts.
(Right to left) Fon of Weh, Rolande, Felix Akap.