My Child's 4th Birthday

I woke up on the 29th of December listening to my host family singing Happy Birthday. I got up and inquired and learned that little 4 year old Benwih in fact turned 4 years old. Here she is in her Birthday dress. The family had to attend a wedding and I was invited to join them after going to the office and getting some important communications out. Benwih's Birthday party with children from the neighborhood was supposed to be in the afternoon. I joint them at 1:00 PM when they were still in church. I learned that the reception was not until 3:00PM and that we would stop by the market. Theresa and Comfort joined me to help me buy a dress for a formal Wedding Anniversary that I had to attend. We found a very lovely Top and Bottom" kind of a blouse with a wrap around skirt, very festively decorated. We went to the reception and sat in front of sodas that made us even more thirsty. COPAAP volunteer Francine and I finally left to walk an hour through town in an attempt to place a small parcel into the hands of the Cameroonian Baptist Conventions driver to transport to Kumbo. We managed but the vehicle had just left. We are promised that it will be delivered. We walk back to the Wedding just in time for the drinks to be served, the gifts are handed to the Bride, food is served, and in no time it is over and we all go home. Cameroonians inhale their food, and lots of it.
We get home late, the child sleeps and everyone watches soccer... Don't know if there is a later date for the Birthday party. I managed to buy a pair of shoes for the child. Her smile when I presented them made it all worth while.