Tracking goals and successes

Our goals for 2010 are: 

1. Gain stake in pharmaceutical start-up company.

2. Consolidate and expand drug import and sales of Miconazole.

3. Plan to participate in South African conference of Federation of African Society of Chemistry.

4. Establish revolving drug fund(s).
5. Distribute 25 Merck Index donated by Merck. (5 distributed so far, see picture below)

6. Advance ongoing projects from 2009.

University of Buea student Aboh Anyangwe (left) arranged meeting between Dr. Hodel (middle) and Dr. Rosemary Shafack head librarian receiving 2 copies of the 2009 Merck Index.  

Our goals for 2009 are: 

1. Advancing three start-ups towards drug production. ONGOING

2. Conduct research expanding into other Sub-Saharan countries,

such as Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda and Rwanda. ONGOING

3. Triple 2008 fundraising level ONGOING

4. Increase public speaking engagements ACCOMPLISHED

5. Expand Board of Directors from four to six. ACCOMPLISHED

6. Expand network of collaborations. ACCOMPLISHED

Our major accomplishments in 2008 were:

1. Increased collaboration with start-up companies from one to three.

2. Increased fundraising 150%

3. Increased board of directors from 3 to 4

4. Work with two pharmaceutical companies (Europe)

5. Build up number of collaborating organizations and partnerships.