"Less than a zero chance of survival"

This was a prognosis Anne Richard would not accept for her son Michael. Today three years after being left quadriplegic from being a passenger in the wrong car at the wrong time Michael smiles and wiggles his toes. He loves pink - everything pink. So we found him this beautiful Cameroonian outfit - all pink.
Anne struggles to get all the support she knows Mikel needs. She became an advocate for those who can not fight for themselves. Needing so much for Michael she also gives away anything she receives but can not use. This is how AIDSfreeAFRICA got into the fortune situation to help Cameroonians with unused medical supplies.

How I met Anne was as innocent as responding to an offer to pick up moving boxes. The announcement came via Westchester Freeshare, a yahoo group set up by people who knew that one persons refuse is another persons treasure.
I needed to pack up my apartment to allow needed renovations to take place while I working in Africa. When I called Anne she said she had all these empty boxes from medical supplies she receives. Medical supplies? I asked.... and the rest is history. Michael in his hospital bed donated by Yonkers based medical supplies non-profit Afya smiles knowing he helps people far away in Cameroon.