Servas Cameroon: the new kid on the block

Written for and first published in: Open Doors United States Servas, Inc Spring 2010

Dr. Rolande Hodel sent this report about the development of one of our newest Servas organizations. Etienne Fran├žis Maemble, Servas member since 2003 and coordinator for Cameroon, successfully grew the group to 14 members and has registered the group as a non-profit chapter of Servas International with the Cameroonian government. He can be reached via e-mail. Please note that he is a francophone, with some ability to communicate with written English, and much less spoken English.


Picture left from Left: Rolande, visiting with Steeve and George, members of Servas Cameroon

Cameroon is not one of the least developing countries, but poverty becomes obvious as soon as one travels into rural areas. It is a beautiful country on the west coast of Africa. Etienne lives in the capital Yaounde. He lives on odd jobs he conducts on the Internet. He is a good net worker, something not as common in Africa as we would think.
As president and founder of AIDSfreeAFRICA I have 4 years of experience in this country. Anyone considering traveling to Cameroon, please consult our web site and  and feel free to call me. I love Cameroonians and the country and their traditions. There is so much to see and experience. If you have an opportunity to visit, please contact me. We always look for unused luggage capacity to move medical supplies and other items too expensive toship. 914-923-2073 USA/EST.

Servas member Mary to my right and three of her children. She owns an Internet cafe where she let's me use her own office. Cameroonians are generous and welcoming. I miss them when I am not there.


Tasha Abdou said…
Dear Doc. Thank you very much for your love for humanity. As a Cameroonian working for peace, i truely appreciate your initiative. Tasha Abdou, Douala