Rich equals distance

The flight from New York to Zurich was uneventful. With the precision of a Swiss watch they managed to get us in the air despite high winds and runway closures at JFK. We touched down in Zurich only 10 minutes late. On my flight to Douala Swiss put me in business class. Sitting in my reclining chair, legs up, comfortably, served food with real silverware…. My Cameroonian friend only on row in front of me is too far away to keep chatting. Thus I am sitting here dining by myself, indulging dill marinated smoked salmon, fennel and saffron sauce – and that’s only the appetizer…. I will have fillet of beef with Alpine herb crust, roasted potatoes, aubergine and tomato confit…. Never mind followed by assorted cheeses topped by famous gourmet Swiss chocolate mouse. Now I just pray that the airline will do the same on my way home…? They pampered me all right, but I missed company to chat away the time. I am consoled by the thought of four weeks of devoted loving Cameroonians, their constant presence that keeps me company until I board my next Swiss flight. And guess what, the guy in first class was completely alone since there was no one else flying first class. Poor soul!


Betti Lu said…
You were treated like the wonderful humanitarian that you are... you are definitely adored by many:):):)
I am delighted for's to many more magical moments where miracles blossom.
Big heart hugs,
Betti Lu