Miconazole, 2007 to 2011

Tibotec has generously made available an antifungal drug, called Miconazole or micMAT, that treats oral thrush, a painful condition affecting 25% of AIDS patients every year. With the help of a generous grant from Tibotec established a cost recovering non-profit distribution program to make this drug available. At the same time we were working with the Minister of Public Health and the Department of Pharmacy to renew the sales license for this drug. It took 18 month and a lot of pushing to have the issue heard in committee. Even aftrer the license was issued it took another six month to print the actual license. Undetered by any of this Dr. Hodel who had met the Prime Minister Philemon Yang and obtained his generous support, did not hesitate and called on him. Now the drug is distributed through Laborex, a large well organized drug distribution company in Cameroon.