Kick it to Cameroon

Benwie Kalawie, Bafut, Cameroon
To see the girls play click on this link
It started rather innocently. A small girl asking for a soccer ball.

Female volunteer trainers
It then snow balled into this campaign, called "Kick it to Cameroon". At least four different groups in Westchester including Mahopac, Yorktown  and New York City asked their kids soccer clubs to donate equipment. Betti Lewis, an AIDSfreeAFRICA volunteer, offered to help coordinate the collection and transport. Dr. Paul Winslow, a scientist running an educational non-profit called "Science 2 Students" was building cargo container crates for AIDSfreeAFRICA to ship drug production equipment. He stuffed the balls into the gaps and then built an additional crate for the soccer equipment. A shipper then accompanied the container to Cameroon, successfully getting it through customs without the loss of a single ball! A friend receiving diapers for his handicapped adult son, picked up the goods from Douala, transported it to Bamenda, and finally, myself and AIDSfreeAFRICA country representative Mr. Polycarp carried it off to the village of Esu.