Telling the truth: chapter one.

This caught my eye today. I downloaded it from someones FB site.
So I will call this series "telling the truth". Call it good old German sarcasm.

Here is another quote. This one is from a friend living in Bamenda, Cameroon:

Thank you Dr Rolande. I have read with tears the story and feel very bad for what has happened to you. I will  take some time to try to really understand this matter. Lawyers are better placed to follow up such a case. What have your lawyer done? Is he still following the case? I will like to meet his wife through a friend to understand what is going on.

I am very ashamed of what has happened to a Humanitarian like you.

Remember, most Cameroon people are good people. Some of these good people get corrupted when they see "white man". They think nothing of it cheating, lying and stealing, because they justify their actions completely with the excuse that "I have it, and they need it". This thinking absolves them from all guilt. They go to Church or Mosque, and are eager to keep their reputation in tact. They think of themselves as upstanding, truthful individuals.  

Tomorrow I will tell you more. A little every day until I leave for Cameroon.